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geometry_tools.h File Reference
#include <geometry_msgs/Polygon.h>
#include <geometry_msgs/Point.h>
#include <costmap_2d/costmap_2d.h>
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namespace  frontier_exploration


template<typename T >
bool frontier_exploration::pointInPolygon (const T &point, const geometry_msgs::Polygon &polygon)
 Evaluate if point is inside area defined by polygon. Undefined behaviour for points on line.
template<typename T , typename S >
double frontier_exploration::pointsDistance (const T &one, const S &two)
 Calculate distance between two points.
template<typename T , typename S >
bool frontier_exploration::pointsNearby (const T &one, const S &two, const double &proximity)
 Evaluate whether two points are approximately adjacent, within a specified proximity distance.
double frontier_exploration::polygonPerimeter (const geometry_msgs::Polygon &polygon)
 Calculate polygon perimeter.
template<typename T , typename S >
double frontier_exploration::yawOfVector (const T &origin, const S &end)
 Calculate the yaw of vector defined by origin and end points.

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