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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
AboutDialog.cpp [code]
AboutDialog.h [code]
AddObjectDialog.cpp [code]
AddObjectDialog.h [code]
Camera.cpp [code]
Camera.h [code]
CameraROS.cpp [code]
CameraROS.h [code]
CameraTcpServer.cpp [code]
CameraTcpServer.h [code]
DetectionInfo.h [code]
find_object_2d_node.cpp [code]
FindObject.cpp [code]
FindObject.h [code]
FindObjectExp.h [code]
FindObjectROS.cpp [code]
FindObjectROS.h [code]
ImageDropWidget.cpp [code]
ImageDropWidget.h [code]
json-forwards.h [code]
json.h [code]
jsoncpp.cpp [code]
JsonWriter.cpp [code]
JsonWriter.h [code]
KeypointItem.cpp [code]
KeypointItem.h [code]
MainWindow.cpp [code]
MainWindow.h [code]
ObjSignature.h [code]
ObjWidget.cpp [code]
ObjWidget.h [code]
ParametersToolBox.cpp [code]
ParametersToolBox.h [code]
PdfPlot.cpp [code]
PdfPlot.h [code]
print_objects_detected_node.cpp [code]
QtOpenCV.cpp [code]
QtOpenCV.h [code]
RectItem.cpp [code]
RectItem.h [code]
Settings.cpp [code]
Settings.h [code]
TcpServer.cpp [code]
TcpServer.h [code]
tf_example_node.cpp [code]
UConversion.cpp [code]
UConversion.h [code]Some conversion functions
UDestroyer.h [code]
UDirectory.cpp [code]
UDirectory.h [code]
UFile.cpp [code]
UFile.h [code]
ULogger.cpp [code]
ULogger.h [code]ULogger class and convenient macros
UMutex.h [code]
UPlot.cpp [code]
UPlot.h [code]
UStl.h [code]Wrappers of STL for convenient functions
UWin32.h [code]
Vocabulary.cpp [code]
Vocabulary.h [code]

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