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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
angle.cpp [code]Implementation for regular radian/degree angle types
angle.hpp [code]C++ interface for angles (degrees/radians)
angles.cpp [code]
cartesian_point.hpp [code]Cartesian point representations
cartesian_points.cpp [code]Unit Test for the cartesian point classes
cubic_spline.cpp [code]Implementation for cubic splines
cubic_spline.hpp [code]Storage container for a cubic spline interpolation
cubic_spline_blueprints.cpp [code]Implementation for cubic spline blueprints
cubic_splines.cpp [code]Unit Test for cubic splines
function_math.hpp [code]Functors for evaluating various mathematical properties of functions
geometry.hpp [code]Mathematical tools for geometry
homogeneous_point.hpp [code]Real valued x-y-z point with homogeneous representation
homogeneous_points.cpp [code]Unit Test for the homogeneous point classes
macros.hpp [code]Macros for ecl geometry
pascals_triangle.cpp [code]Implementation of the pascal triangle specialisations
pascals_triangle.hpp [code]Templatised specialisations for pascal's triangle
polynomial.cpp [code]Implementation of the polynomials
polynomial.hpp [code]Representations for polynomial functions
polynomial_blueprints.cpp [code]Implementation of the polynomial blueprints
polynomials.cpp [code]Unit Test for polynomial functions
pose2d.cpp [code]
pose2d.hpp [code]Pose representations
pose2d_eigen2.hpp [code]
pose2d_eigen3.hpp [code]
pose3d.cpp [code]
pose3d.hpp [code]
pose3d_eigen2.hpp [code]
pose3d_eigen3.hpp [code]Pose representations for 3D
smooth_linear_spline.cpp [code]Implementation for ramped splines
smooth_linear_spline.hpp [code]Spline sequence generated from linear segments with ramped corners
smooth_linear_splines.cpp [code]Unit Test for smooth linear splines
spline_function.hpp [code]Wrapper for a generic spline function
lib/tension_function.cpp [code]Implementation of the tension function
test/tension_function.cpp [code]Unit Test for tension functions
tension_function.hpp [code]Representations for the tension function.
tension_spline.cpp [code]Implementation for tension splines
tension_spline.hpp [code]Storage container for a tension spline interpolation
tension_spline_blueprints.cpp [code]Implementation for tension spline blueprints
tension_splines.cpp [code]Unit Test for tension splines

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