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Orientation Class Reference

#include <orientation.h>

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Public Member Functions

double get_pitch ()
double get_roll ()
double get_yaw ()
 Orientation ()
void updateAngles (float gyroscopeVector[3], float AccelerationVector[3], double gyroscopeTimestamp)
 ~Orientation ()

Private Member Functions

void calculate_new_gravity (float acceleration[3])
void detectGravity (double gravity[3], float acceleration[3])
bool isEqual (double vector1[3], double vector2[3])
double ToRad (double value)

Private Attributes

double gravity [3]
double gravityEpsilon
double lastGravityVectorDetected [3]
double pitch
double pitchOffset
double roll
double rollOffset
double timestampPreviousCall
int validAccelerationVectorsNecessaryToDetectGravity
int validGravityCounter
double yaw

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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Member Function Documentation

void Orientation::calculate_new_gravity ( float  acceleration[3]) [private]

Definition at line 105 of file orientation.cpp.

void Orientation::detectGravity ( double  gravity[3],
float  acceleration[3] 
) [private]

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bool Orientation::isEqual ( double  vector1[3],
double  vector2[3] 
) [private]

Definition at line 56 of file orientation.cpp.

double Orientation::ToRad ( double  value) [private]

Definition at line 49 of file orientation.cpp.

void Orientation::updateAngles ( float  gyroscopeVector[3],
float  AccelerationVector[3],
double  gyroscopeTimestamp 

Definition at line 64 of file orientation.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

double Orientation::gravity[3] [private]

Definition at line 22 of file orientation.h.

double Orientation::gravityEpsilon [private]

Definition at line 23 of file orientation.h.

Definition at line 26 of file orientation.h.

double Orientation::pitch [private]

Definition at line 20 of file orientation.h.

double Orientation::pitchOffset [private]

Definition at line 17 of file orientation.h.

double Orientation::roll [private]

Definition at line 19 of file orientation.h.

double Orientation::rollOffset [private]

Definition at line 18 of file orientation.h.

Definition at line 16 of file orientation.h.

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double Orientation::yaw [private]

Definition at line 21 of file orientation.h.

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