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int8_t scheduler_Get_sl1 (void)
void scheduler_init (void)
void scheduler_layer0 (void)
void scheduler_layer1 (void)
void scheduler_Set_sl1 (int8_t)

Detailed Description

Header for scheduler. In this case, regulates the output throughput

Julio Sagardoy

Definition in file scheduler.h.

Function Documentation

int8_t scheduler_Get_sl1 ( void  )

Definition at line 78 of file scheduler.c.

void scheduler_init ( void  )

Scheduler init routine

Definition at line 114 of file scheduler.c.

void scheduler_layer0 ( void  )

Check whether its time to pan

Check whether its time to tilt

Definition at line 34 of file scheduler.c.

void scheduler_layer1 ( void  )

Layer 1 gets updated position and sends them

Definition at line 84 of file scheduler.c.

void scheduler_Set_sl1 ( int8_t  stat)

Get-set scheduler value

Definition at line 75 of file scheduler.c.

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