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example/dtype.cpp [code]
src/dtype.cpp [code]
dtype.hpp [code]Object manager for Python's numpy.dtype class [code]
dtype_mod.cpp [code]
fromdata.cpp [code]
gaussian.cpp [code] [code]
indexing_mod.cpp [code]
internal.hpp [code]Internal header file to include the Numpy C-API headers
invoke_matching.hpp [code]Template invocation based on dtype matching
matrix.cpp [code]
matrix.hpp [code]Object manager for numpy.matrix
example/ndarray.cpp [code]
src/ndarray.cpp [code]
ndarray.hpp [code]Object manager and various utilities for numpy.ndarray [code]
ndarray_mod.cpp [code]
numpy.cpp [code]
numpy.hpp [code]Main public header file for boost.numpy
numpy_object_mgr_traits.hpp [code]Macro that specializes object_manager_traits by requiring a source-file implementation of get_pytype()
scalars.cpp [code]
scalars.hpp [code]Object managers for array scalars (currently only numpy.void is implemented) [code]
shapes_mod.cpp [code]
simple.cpp [code] [code]
templates_mod.cpp [code]
example/ufunc.cpp [code]
src/ufunc.cpp [code]
ufunc.hpp [code]Utilities to create ufunc-like broadcasting functions out of C++ functors [code]
ufunc_mod.cpp [code]
wrap.cpp [code]

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