joint_position_file_playback Namespace Reference


def clean_line
def main
def map_file
def try_float

Function Documentation

def joint_position_file_playback.clean_line (   line,
Cleans a single line of recorded joint positions

@param line: the line described in a list to process
@param names: joint name keys

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RSDK Joint Position Example: File Playback

Uses Joint Position Control mode to play back a series of
recorded joint and gripper positions.

Run the example first to create a recording
file for use with this example. This example uses position
control to replay the recorded positions in sequence.

Note: This version of the playback example simply drives the
joints towards the next position at each time stamp. Because
it uses Position Control it will not attempt to adjust the
movement speed to hit set points "on time".

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def joint_position_file_playback.map_file (   filename,
  loops = 1 
Loops through csv file

@param filename: the file to play
@param loops: number of times to loop
              values < 0 mean 'infinite'

Does not loop indefinitely, but only until the file is read
and processed. Reads each line, split up in columns and
formats each line into a controller command in the form of
name/value pairs. Names come from the column headers
first column is the time stamp

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