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baxter_external_devices.joystick.XboxController Class Reference
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def __init__

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def _on_joy

Detailed Description

Xbox specialization of Joystick.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def baxter_external_devices.joystick.XboxController.__init__ (   self,
  scale = 1.0,
  offset = 0.0,
  deadband = 0.5 
Maps joystick input to robot control.

@type scale: float
@param scale: scaling applied to joystick values [1.0]
@type offset: float
@param offset: joystick offset values, post-scaling [0.0]
@type deadband: float
@param deadband: deadband post scaling and offset [0.1]

Raw joystick valuess are in [1.0...-1.0].

Reimplemented from baxter_external_devices.joystick.Joystick.

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Member Function Documentation

def baxter_external_devices.joystick.XboxController._on_joy (   self,
) [private]
callback for messages from joystick input
      msg(Joy): a joystick input message

Reimplemented from baxter_external_devices.joystick.Joystick.

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