baxter_core_msgs/EndEffectorCommand Message

File: baxter_core_msgs/EndEffectorCommand.msg

Raw Message Definition

## Command to be sent to an end effector
uint32 id       # target end effector id
string command  # operation to perform
# Well known commands:
string   CMD_NO_OP           = no_op
string   CMD_SET             = set
string   CMD_CONFIGURE       = configure
string   CMD_REBOOT          = reboot
string   CMD_RESET           = reset
string   CMD_CALIBRATE       = calibrate
string   CMD_CLEAR_CALIBRATION = clear_calibration
string   CMD_PREPARE_TO_GRIP = prepare_to_grip
string   CMD_GRIP            = grip
string   CMD_RELEASE         = release
string   CMD_GO              = go
string   CMD_STOP            = stop
string args     # JSON arguments to the command
string sender   # optional identifier, returned in state when the command is handled
uint32 sequence # optional sequence number, return in state when the command is handled

Compact Message Definition

string CMD_NO_OP=no_op
string CMD_SET=set
string CMD_CONFIGURE=configure
string CMD_REBOOT=reboot
string CMD_RESET=reset
string CMD_CALIBRATE=calibrate
string CMD_CLEAR_CALIBRATION=clear_calibration
string CMD_PREPARE_TO_GRIP=prepare_to_grip
string CMD_GRIP=grip
string CMD_RELEASE=release
string CMD_GO=go
string CMD_STOP=stop
uint32 id
string command
string args
string sender
uint32 sequence