Package for apps created with andino


Andino Apps

This package contains integration applications with the Andino robot.


Gazebo classic simulation + Nav2

A launch file for running the andino_gz_classic simulation and the Nav 2 stack is provided. It uses the turtlebot3_world world (Apache 2 license) by default.

 ros2 launch andino_apps

To visualize and interact with the Andino robot in RViz:

  • Click in 2D pose estimate button and select the initial pose of the robot

  • Click in Nav2 Goal button and select the final point.

  • The robot will start to move to the selected goal.


For further information and examples you can check the Nav2 tutorials.

This package has been tested with the Andino robot with diff drive plugin in Gazebo-classic.

By changing the world file, make sure to also change map file. Further navigation parameters tunning is recommended.