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link_joints Namespace Reference


def callback
def listener


string child_name = "mfj3"
string controller_type = "_mixed_position_velocity_controller"
string parent_name = "ffj3"
tuple pub = rospy.Publisher('sh_' + child_name + controller_type + '/command', Float64)

Function Documentation

def link_joints.callback (   data)
The callback function: called each time a message is received on the 
topic parent joint controller state topic

@param data: the message

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The main function

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Variable Documentation

string link_joints::child_name = "mfj3"

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string link_joints::controller_type = "_mixed_position_velocity_controller"

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string link_joints::parent_name = "ffj3"

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tuple link_joints::pub = rospy.Publisher('sh_' + child_name + controller_type + '/command', Float64)

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