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Message.cpp File Reference
#include "Message.h"
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#define ENTERCS   if(m_csMessage!=NULL) EnterCriticalSection(m_csMessage);
#define LEAVECS   if(m_csMessage!=NULL) LeaveCriticalSection(m_csMessage);


bool g_bDebug = true
bool g_bDebugFile = false
int g_iDebugLevel = 3
char * g_pcDebugFileName = "debug.txt"

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#define ENTERCS   if(m_csMessage!=NULL) EnterCriticalSection(m_csMessage);

Definition at line 60 of file Message.cpp.

#define LEAVECS   if(m_csMessage!=NULL) LeaveCriticalSection(m_csMessage);

Definition at line 62 of file Message.cpp.

Variable Documentation

bool g_bDebug = true

Definition at line 53 of file Message.cpp.

bool g_bDebugFile = false

Definition at line 52 of file Message.cpp.

int g_iDebugLevel = 3

Definition at line 51 of file Message.cpp.

char* g_pcDebugFileName = "debug.txt"

Definition at line 54 of file Message.cpp.

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