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tornado::options Namespace Reference


class  _LogFormatter
class  _Option
class  _Options
class  Error


def define
def enable_pretty_logging
def parse_command_line
def parse_config_file
def print_help


 curses = None
tuple options = _Options()

Function Documentation

def tornado.options.define (   name,
  default = None,
  type = None,
  help = None,
  metavar = None,
  multiple = False,
  group = None 
Defines a new command line option.

If type is given (one of str, float, int, datetime, or timedelta)
or can be inferred from the default, we parse the command line
arguments based on the given type. If multiple is True, we accept
comma-separated values, and the option value is always a list.

For multi-value integers, we also accept the syntax x:y, which
turns into range(x, y) - very useful for long integer ranges.

help and metavar are used to construct the automatically generated
command line help string. The help message is formatted like::

   --name=METAVAR      help string

group is used to group the defined options in logical groups. By default,
command line options are grouped by the defined file.

Command line option names must be unique globally. They can be parsed
from the command line with parse_command_line() or parsed from a
config file with parse_config_file.

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def tornado.options.enable_pretty_logging (   options = options)
Turns on formatted logging output as configured.

This is called automatically by `parse_command_line`.

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def tornado.options.parse_command_line (   args = None)
Parses all options given on the command line (defaults to sys.argv).

Note that args[0] is ignored since it is the program name in sys.argv.

We return a list of all arguments that are not parsed as options.

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Parses and loads the Python config file at the given path.

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def tornado.options.print_help (   file = sys.stdout)
Prints all the command line options to stdout.

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Variable Documentation

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