qt_build Documentation


Currently just maintains a cmake api for simplifying the building of qt apps within the ros framework.


This package provides a cmake module which will simplify the cmake for developing qt-ros packages.



In your package's manifest.xml:

<depend package="qt_build"/>

Then in your package's CMakeLists.txt:

# Setup
rosbuild_include(qt_build qt-ros)

# Call any of qt-ros' api, e.g.
rosbuild_prepare_qt4(QtCore QtGui QtNetwork)



CMake Api

There is currently only one module, qt-ros.cmake and it only has on cmake function that is public:

where the list of components is a space separated list drawn from the available qt components that you may have installed. For ros packages, you'll typically be interested in one of the following components

QtCore, QtGui, QtMain, QtNetwork, QtOpengl, QtSql, QtSvg, QtDbus, QtScript, QtWebkit, QtXml, QtXmlPatterns, QtPhonon

This function is mostly a wrapper around the FindQt4 module with some help to define locations of various resources (such as qt-built ui headers). It also includes some magic to help it work with the mingw cross compiler until the FindQt4 module is updated.


The arguments to the rosbuild_link_qt4 macro is rather simplified. It could be written to take exactly the same arguments as the include_package(Qt4 ...) call would make - that will be added if there is a need for it.

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
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