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detect_plug Namespace Reference


def execute_cb


tuple detect_plug_client = actionlib.SimpleActionClient('vision_plug_detection', VisionPlugDetectionAction)
tuple detect_plug_goal = VisionPlugDetectionGoal()
tuple joint_space_client = actionlib.SimpleActionClient('r_arm_controller/joint_trajectory_generator', JointTrajectoryAction)
tuple joint_space_goal = JointTrajectoryGoal()
string name = 'detect_plug'
tuple server = actionlib.simple_action_server.SimpleActionServer(name, DetectPlugInGripperAction, execute_cb)

Function Documentation

def detect_plug.execute_cb (   goal)

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Variable Documentation

tuple detect_plug::detect_plug_client = actionlib.SimpleActionClient('vision_plug_detection', VisionPlugDetectionAction)

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tuple detect_plug::detect_plug_goal = VisionPlugDetectionGoal()

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tuple detect_plug::joint_space_client = actionlib.SimpleActionClient('r_arm_controller/joint_trajectory_generator', JointTrajectoryAction)

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string detect_plug::name = 'detect_plug'

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