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GeometricHash3D Class Reference

#include <geometric_hash.h>

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Public Member Functions

ModelBasisID addBasis (const AffineBasis &basis)
void addEntry (const ModelBasisID &basisID, CvSeq *seq, int idx_offset, int idx_point)
 GeometricHash3D (cv::Point3i _size, const cv::Point3f *_range)
const std::vector< AffineBasis > & getBases () const
const std::list< ModelBasisID > & getEntries (cv::Point3f point) const

Protected Member Functions

int getBin (cv::Point3f coords) const

Protected Attributes

std::vector< AffineBasisbases
std::list< ModelBasisIDempty_list
std::vector< std::list
< ModelBasisID > > 
cv::Point3f range [2]
cv::Point3i size

Detailed Description

Definition at line 103 of file geometric_hash.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GeometricHash3D::GeometricHash3D ( cv::Point3i  _size,
const cv::Point3f *  _range 

Definition at line 94 of file geometric_hash.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Definition at line 117 of file geometric_hash.cpp.

void GeometricHash3D::addEntry ( const ModelBasisID basisID,
CvSeq *  seq,
int  idx_offset,
int  idx_point 

Definition at line 137 of file geometric_hash.cpp.

const std::vector< AffineBasis > & GeometricHash3D::getBases ( ) const

Definition at line 169 of file geometric_hash.cpp.

int GeometricHash3D::getBin ( cv::Point3f  coords) const [protected]

Definition at line 103 of file geometric_hash.cpp.

const std::list< ModelBasisID > & GeometricHash3D::getEntries ( cv::Point3f  point) const

Definition at line 156 of file geometric_hash.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<AffineBasis> GeometricHash3D::bases [protected]

Definition at line 108 of file geometric_hash.h.

std::list<ModelBasisID> GeometricHash3D::empty_list [protected]

Definition at line 110 of file geometric_hash.h.

std::vector<std::list<ModelBasisID> > GeometricHash3D::hash [protected]

Definition at line 109 of file geometric_hash.h.

cv::Point3f GeometricHash3D::range[2] [protected]

Definition at line 107 of file geometric_hash.h.

cv::Point3i GeometricHash3D::size [protected]

Definition at line 106 of file geometric_hash.h.

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