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utility.h File Reference
#include "kdl-config.h"
#include <cstdlib>
#include <cassert>
#include <cmath>
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class  KDL::TI< T >
class  KDL::TI< double >
class  KDL::TI< int >


namespace  KDL


#define FRAMES_CHECKI(a)   assert(a)
#define IMETHOD   inline
#define INLINE   inline


double KDL::acos (double a)
double KDL::addDelta (double a, double da, double dt)
double KDL::asin (double a)
double KDL::atan (double a)
double KDL::atan2 (double a, double b)
double KDL::cos (double a)
double KDL::cosh (double a)
double KDL::diff (double a, double b, double dt)
bool KDL::Equal (double a, double b, double eps=epsilon)
double KDL::exp (double a)
double KDL::LinComb (double alfa, double a, double beta, double b)
void KDL::LinCombR (double alfa, double a, double beta, double b, double &result)
double KDL::log (double a)
double KDL::max (double a, double b)
double KDL::min (double a, double b)
double KDL::Norm (double arg)
void KDL::posrandom (double &a)
double KDL::pow (double a, double b)
void KDL::random (double &a)
void KDL::SetToIdentity (double &arg)
 to uniformly set double, RNDouble,Vector,... objects to the identity element in template-classes
void KDL::SetToZero (double &arg)
 to uniformly set double, RNDouble,Vector,... objects to zero in template-classes
double KDL::sign (double arg)
double KDL::sin (double a)
double KDL::sinh (double a)
double KDL::sqr (double arg)
double KDL::sqrt (double a)
double KDL::tan (double a)
double KDL::tanh (double a)


const double KDL::deg2rad
 the value pi/180
double KDL::epsilon
 default precision while comparing with Equal(..,..) functions. Initialized at 0.0000001.
 maximal length of a file name
const double KDL::PI
 the value of pi
const double KDL::rad2deg
 the value 180/pi
 the number of derivatives used in the RN-... objects.

Define Documentation

#define FRAMES_CHECKI (   a)    assert(a)

turn on or off frames bounds checking. If turned on, assert() can still be turned off with -DNDEBUG.

Definition at line 52 of file utility.h.

#define IMETHOD   inline

Definition at line 41 of file utility.h.

#define INLINE   inline

Definition at line 221 of file utility.h.

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