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namespace  convert_functions

helper functions for creating, transforming, and converting among messages, scipy matrices, and lists

namespace  object_manipulator::convert_functions


def object_manipulator::convert_functions.change_pose_stamped_frame
 change the frame of a PoseStamped
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.change_vector3_stamped_frame
 change the frame of a Vector3Stamped
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.create_point_stamped
 create a PointStamped message
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.create_pose_stamped
 create a PoseStamped message
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.create_vector3_stamped
 create a Vector3Stamped message
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.get_transform
 get the 4x4 transformation matrix from frame1 to frame2 from TF
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.get_xyz
 get x, y, and z fields in the form of a list
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.get_xyzw
 get x, y, z, and w fields in the form of a list
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.lists_to_pose_stamped
 convert pos and rot lists (relative to in_frame) to a PoseStamped (relative to to_frame)
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.mat_to_point_cloud
 convert a 4xn scipy matrix (x y z 1) to a PointCloud
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.mat_to_pos_and_quat
 convert a 4x4 scipy matrix to position and quaternion lists
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.mat_to_pose
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.mat_to_transform
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.point_cloud_to_mat
 convert a PointCloud or PointCloud2 to a 4xn scipy matrix (x y z 1)
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.point_stamped_to_list
 convert a pointStamped to a pos list in a desired frame
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.pose_stamped_to_lists
 convert a PoseStamped to pos and rot (quaternion) lists in a desired frame
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.pose_to_mat
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.pplist
 pretty-print list to string
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.ppmat
 pretty-print numpy matrix to string
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.quaternion_stamped_to_list
 convert a QuaternionStamped to a quat list in a desired frame
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.rethrow_tf_exception
 catch a tf exception, print a message, rethrowing it first to preserve tracebacks
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.set_xyz
 set x, y, and z fields with a list
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.set_xyzw
 set x, y, z, and w fields with a list
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.stamp_msg
 stamp a message by giving it a header with a timestamp of now
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.stamp_pose
 make a PoseStamped out of a Pose
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.stamp_vector3
 make a Vector3Stamped out of a Vector3
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.transform_point_cloud
 transform a PointCloud or PointCloud2 to be a 4xn scipy matrix (x y z 1) in a new frame
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.transform_pose_stamped
 transform a poseStamped by a 4x4 scipy matrix
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.transform_to_mat
def object_manipulator::convert_functions.vector3_stamped_to_list
 convert a Vector3Stamped to a rot list in a desired frame

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