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Sub20_ADC Class Reference

#include <sub20_ADC.h>

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struct  OneSub20Config
struct  Sub20_ADC_Config

Public Member Functions

void GetMeasurements (std::list< OneSub20_ADC_Meas > &, double, int *)
 Reads one measurement from all ADC Channels defined in ucADCSingleChan and uiADCDiffrChan.
 Sub20_ADC (std::string, double, double)
 Constructor initializes Sub20 device.
 ~Sub20_ADC ()
 Destructor closing all open connections.

Private Member Functions

double adc_To_Volts (int, char, int, double)
 Convert raw ADC to Volts.
void get_ADC_MuxCode (std::string, int *, int *, int *)
 Sets the Mux Codes for the ADC Signals.
void initADC_MUX_MAP ()
 Map enum to String.

Private Attributes

bool bSubDeviceConfigured
bool bSubDeviceOpen
std::string strSerial
std::list< OneSub20ConfigSub20Device_list
sub_handle subhndl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file sub20_ADC.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Sub20_ADC::Sub20_ADC ( std::string  ADC_MUXCONFIG,
double  dRate_Hz,
double  dVRef 

Constructor initializes Sub20 device.

Detects connected Sub20 devices. Initializes the Sub20 device and configures its ADC with the specified VOltage Ref and ADC Channel Mux Codes.

bVRef- The Voltage Reference setting - Vcc (false) or internal 2.5V (true)

Definition at line 46 of file sub20_ADC.cpp.

Destructor closing all open connections.

Disables the Sub20 device. Disposes any dynamic structure in the heap.

Definition at line 126 of file sub20_ADC.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

double Sub20_ADC::adc_To_Volts ( int  rawData,
char  convType,
int  muxCode,
double  dVRef 
) [private]

Convert raw ADC to Volts.

Definition at line 228 of file sub20_ADC.cpp.

void Sub20_ADC::get_ADC_MuxCode ( std::string  ADC_MUXCONFIG,
int *  adc_mux,
int *  adc_type,
int *  channels 
) [private]

Sets the Mux Codes for the ADC Signals.

Definition at line 176 of file sub20_ADC.cpp.

void Sub20_ADC::GetMeasurements ( std::list< OneSub20_ADC_Meas > &  list_meas,
double  dVRef,
int *  channels 

Reads one measurement from all ADC Channels defined in ucADCSingleChan and uiADCDiffrChan.

Iterates through all connected Sub20 devices and sends a measurement request to the respective ADCs.

&list_measpoints onto the std::list containing the connected devices
voltRef- The setting for the voltage reference for the ADC channels
&channels- number of channels connected

Definition at line 255 of file sub20_ADC.cpp.

void Sub20_ADC::initADC_MUX_MAP ( ) [private]

Map enum to String.

Definition at line 143 of file sub20_ADC.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 121 of file sub20_ADC.h.

bool Sub20_ADC::bSubDeviceOpen [private]

Definition at line 120 of file sub20_ADC.h.

std::string Sub20_ADC::strSerial [private]

Definition at line 122 of file sub20_ADC.h.

Definition at line 114 of file sub20_ADC.h.

sub_handle Sub20_ADC::subhndl [private]

Definition at line 119 of file sub20_ADC.h.

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