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wiimote::wiiutils Namespace Reference


def getTimeStamp
def log
def promptUsr
def report


tuple bar = np.array([(4.0,3.0,3.0)])
tuple foo = np.array([(4.0,3.0,3.0)])
tuple isBad = np.greater(foo,bar)
tuple isGreater = np.greater(foo,bar)
tuple test = (foo > bar)

Function Documentation

Return current time as float of seconds since beginning of Epoch.

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def wiimote.wiiutils.log (   str,
  file = None 

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Prompting user.

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def (   str,
  debuglevel = acConst._DEBUGLEVEL 
For error reporting, controlled by debuglevel.

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Variable Documentation

tuple wiimote::wiiutils::bar = np.array([(4.0,3.0,3.0)])

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tuple wiimote::wiiutils::foo = np.array([(4.0,3.0,3.0)])

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tuple wiimote::wiiutils::isBad = np.greater(foo,bar)

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tuple wiimote::wiiutils::isGreater = np.greater(foo,bar)

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