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wiimote.wiistate.WIIReading Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Instances hold one 3-D reading.

  [X], [Y], [Z] to obtain respective axis paramters.
  tuple() to obtain x/y/z as a NumPy array.
  +,-,/ to add or subtract readings from each other
      as one vector operation (pairwise for each dimension).

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def wiimote.wiistate.WIIReading.__init__ (   self,
  theTime = None 
Create a (possibly) time stamped WII Reading.

Parameter xyz is an array of x,y,z coordinates of the
reading. WIIReading instances can be added, subtracted, and
divided into each other. The operations are pairwise over
x, y, and z. A numpy array of x,y,z is available by
calling tuple(). The time stamp is available via time().

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Member Function Documentation

def wiimote.wiistate.WIIReading.__add__ (   self,
Adding two readings returns a numpy tuple with readings added pairwise.

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def wiimote.wiistate.WIIReading.__div__ (   self,
Dividing two readings returns a numpy tuple with components divided pairwise.

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def wiimote.wiistate.WIIReading.__getitem__ (   self,

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def wiimote.wiistate.WIIReading.__sub__ (   self,
Subtracting two readings returns a numpy tuple with components subtracted pairwise.

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def wiimote.wiistate.WIIReading.scale (   self,
Return a numpy tuple that with X, Y, Z scaled by the given factor.

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