wg_invent_client Documentation

wg_invent_client: Interfaces with WG inventory system

Provides an interface for the Willow Garage Inventory system, used by the life_test and qualification systems to automatically log assembly data into invent.

wg_invent_client is the an interface to the Willow Garage Inventory system ("invent"). It provides a library so python nodes can programmatically store access and update the inventory system.

Users must log in with their invent username and password in order to use this system.


Invent is the inventory system of Willow Garage. It was created by Scott Hassan to store component information for the PR2 project. It supports data storage for serialized components used in the PR2.

Most users use the inventory system through the web interface:


Users that require programmatic use, in testing, qualification, or other operations, use the wg_invent_client package in personal robots.

Author(s): Scott Hassan, Kevin Watts
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