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vslam::PlaceRecognizer Class Reference

Recognizes previously seen frames. More...

#include <place_recognizer.h>

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Public Member Functions

void findAndInsert (const frame_common::Frame &frame, uint32_t id, const FrameVector &all_frames, size_t N, std::vector< const frame_common::Frame * > &matches)
 Find the top N matches for the query frame, and also insert it for future recognition.
void insert (const frame_common::Frame &frame, uint32_t id)
 Insert a new frame with the provided id.
 PlaceRecognizer (const std::string &tree_file, const std::string &weights_file)

Private Attributes

vt::Database database_
vt::GenericTree tree_
std::vector< uint32_t > user_ids_

Detailed Description

Recognizes previously seen frames.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vslam::PlaceRecognizer::PlaceRecognizer ( const std::string &  tree_file,
const std::string &  weights_file 


Can use: PlaceRecognizer("/u/mihelich/vocab/holidays.tree", "/u/mihelich/vocab/holidays.weights")

tree_fileThe file containing the vocabulary words
weights_fileThe file containing the weights

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Member Function Documentation

void vslam::PlaceRecognizer::findAndInsert ( const frame_common::Frame frame,
uint32_t  id,
const FrameVector all_frames,
size_t  N,
std::vector< const frame_common::Frame * > &  matches 

Find the top N matches for the query frame, and also insert it for future recognition.

frameThe query frame, also to be inserted
idThe id to assign to the query frame
all_framesCollection of frames indexable by the saved ids
NThe number of matches
[out]matchesThe top N matching frames

Definition at line 24 of file place_recognizer.cpp.

void vslam::PlaceRecognizer::insert ( const frame_common::Frame frame,
uint32_t  id 

Insert a new frame with the provided id.

frameThe frame to insert
idThe frame id

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Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 88 of file place_recognizer.h.

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std::vector<uint32_t> vslam::PlaceRecognizer::user_ids_ [private]

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