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utilmm::smart::ref_count::hash_ptr< Ty, Hash > Struct Template Reference

Special hash functor for utilmm::smart::ref_count::uniq_memory. More...

#include <uniq_memory.hh>

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size_t operator() (Ty const *arg) const
 Hashing call operator.

Detailed Description

template<typename Ty, class Hash>
struct utilmm::smart::ref_count::hash_ptr< Ty, Hash >

Special hash functor for utilmm::smart::ref_count::uniq_memory.

This functor is an hash functor used by the utilmm::smart::ref_count::uniq_memory class. To extract the hash value of the value pointed by a cont pointer

TyThe type of pointed cell
HashA hash fucntor for Ty
Frédéric Py <>

Definition at line 29 of file uniq_memory.hh.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Ty , class Hash >
size_t utilmm::smart::ref_count::hash_ptr< Ty, Hash >::operator() ( Ty const *  arg) const

Hashing call operator.

argA cont pointer

This function compute the hash value of *arg

The computed hash value
arg has to point to a valid cell

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