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utilmm::tempfile Class Reference

#include <system.hh>

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Public Member Functions

FILE * detach ()
FILE * handle () const
boost::filesystem::path path () const
 tempfile ()
 tempfile (std::string const &basename)
 ~tempfile ()

Static Public Member Functions

static FILE * create ()
static FILE * mkstemp (std::string const &base, boost::filesystem::path &path)

Private Attributes

auto_close m_guard
boost::filesystem::path m_path

Detailed Description

A temporary file. It is created on construction and removed on destruction

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Create a temporary file. If you use this constructor, you cannot have the file name. You'll have to use only the file handle.


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Close and destroy the file

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tempfile::tempfile ( std::string const &  basename)

Create a temporary file using a base name The file name is available using path()

The tempfile() version is more secure. Use only this constructor if you need the file path

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Member Function Documentation

FILE * tempfile::create ( ) [static]

Creates a temporary file

the file descriptor to the open file
unix_erroran error occured

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FILE * tempfile::detach ( )

Disassociates this object from the temporary file After a call to disassociate(), path() and fd() are no longer available

the file path

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FILE * tempfile::handle ( void  ) const

Get the underlying file handle

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FILE * tempfile::mkstemp ( std::string const &  base,
boost::filesystem::path &  path 
) [static]

Wrapper around mkstemp Do not use this function to create a temporary file Use a tempfile object instead

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boost::filesystem::path tempfile::path ( ) const

Get the file path The file path is only available if the tempfile(std::string) constructor has been used.

the file path or an empty path if it is not available

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Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 92 of file system.hh.

boost::filesystem::path utilmm::tempfile::m_path [private]

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