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utilmm::singleton::dummy Class Reference

base class for utilmm::singleton::wrapper More...

#include <dummy.hh>

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Protected Member Functions

 dummy ()
 Default Constructor.
virtual ~dummy ()=0

Static Protected Member Functions

static void attach (std::string const &name, details::dummy_factory const &factory)
 Attach a new singleton.
static void detach (std::string const &name)
 Detach to a singleton.
static dummyinstance (std::string const &name)
 Singleton generic access.

Private Member Functions

bool decr_ref () const
void incr_ref () const

Private Attributes

size_t ref_counter


class utilmm::singleton::server

Detailed Description

base class for utilmm::singleton::wrapper

This class is the base class for all the singletons wrapper and the "public" interface to the singleton server.

Frédéric Py <>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

dummy::dummy ( ) [protected]

Default Constructor.

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dummy::~dummy ( ) [protected, pure virtual]


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Member Function Documentation

void dummy::attach ( std::string const &  name,
details::dummy_factory const &  factory 
) [static, protected]

Attach a new singleton.

nameInternal id of the singleton.
instCandidate as singleton.

This function called by wrapper::attach try to create a new singleton with name as unique id. If there's allready a singleton name then inst is deleted

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bool dummy::decr_ref ( ) const [private]

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void dummy::detach ( std::string const &  name) [static, protected]

Detach to a singleton.

nameInternal id of a singleton

This function called by wrapper::detach indicate to the singleton server that the singleton identified as name has lost one client.

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void dummy::incr_ref ( ) const [private]

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dummy * dummy::instance ( std::string const &  name) [static, protected]

Singleton generic access.

nameInternal id of a singleton
a pointer to the dummy wrapper of the singleton attached to name

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class utilmm::singleton::server [friend]

Definition at line 74 of file dummy.hh.

Member Data Documentation

size_t utilmm::singleton::dummy::ref_counter [mutable, private]

Definition at line 72 of file dummy.hh.

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