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utilmm::pkgconfig Class Reference

#include <pkgconfig.hh>

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Public Types

enum  Modes {
  All, Path, Other, Static,

Public Member Functions

string compiler (Modes mode=pkgconfig::All) const
string get (string const &var, string const &defval=string()) const
string linker (Modes mode=pkgconfig::All) const
string name () const
 pkgconfig (string const &name)
string version () const
 ~pkgconfig ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool exists (string const &name)
static std::list< stringpackages ()

Private Types

typedef std::string string

Private Member Functions

string run (string const &argument) const

Static Private Member Functions

static string run (process &prs)

Private Attributes

string m_name

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::string utilmm::pkgconfig::string [private]

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Member Enumeration Documentation


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pkgconfig::pkgconfig ( string const &  name)

Creates a package description file.

not_found(name)if the package is not available

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Member Function Documentation

Get compile flags for the given mode

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bool pkgconfig::exists ( string const &  name) [static]

Checks if the given package is available

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string pkgconfig::get ( string const &  var,
string const &  defval = string() 
) const

Get a variable defined in this package description

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Get link flags for the given mode

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The package name

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std::list< string > pkgconfig::packages ( ) [static]

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string pkgconfig::run ( process prs) [static, private]

Run the given process object and returns its standard output

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string pkgconfig::run ( string const &  argument) const [private]

Get the value returned by pkgconfig with the given argument applied to the current package

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The package version

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Member Data Documentation

The package name

Definition at line 48 of file pkgconfig.hh.

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