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utilmm::cmdline_option Class Reference

#include <commandline.hh>

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Public Types

enum  ArgumentType {
  None = 0, Optional = 1, IntArgument = 2, BoolArgument = 4,
  StringArgument = 8, DefaultValue = 16

Public Member Functions

bool checkArgument (const std::string &value) const
 cmdline_option (const std::string &description)
int getArgumentFlags () const
std::string getConfigKey () const
std::string getDefaultValue () const
std::string getHelp () const
std::string getLong () const
std::string getShort () const
bool hasArgument () const
bool hasDefaultValue () const
bool isArgumentOptional () const
bool isMultiple () const
bool isRequired () const
 ~cmdline_option ()

Private Attributes

int m_argument_flags
std::string m_config
std::string m_default
std::string m_help
std::string m_long
bool m_multiple
bool m_required
std::string m_short

Detailed Description

Each option description is parsed and transformed in a cmdline_option object. The command_line code then uses these objects

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Member Enumeration Documentation

Argument types Each option may have zero or one option the option is described using a or-ed int of this enum


no arguments


the argument may be ommitted


the argument is an integer


the argument is a boolean, that is 0, 1, 'false' or 'true'


the argument is a string

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

utilmm::cmdline_option::cmdline_option ( const std::string &  description)

Builds an option using the option description syntax as in command_line

  • option the option description, see the command_line for its syntax If option is not a valid description string, the constructor returns and isValid() will return false

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Member Function Documentation

bool utilmm::cmdline_option::checkArgument ( const std::string &  value) const

Checks that value is a valid string according to the argument type (int, bool or string)

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std::string utilmm::cmdline_option::getConfigKey ( ) const

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std::string utilmm::cmdline_option::getHelp ( ) const

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std::string utilmm::cmdline_option::getLong ( ) const

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std::string utilmm::cmdline_option::getShort ( ) const

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Member Data Documentation

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std::string utilmm::cmdline_option::m_config [private]

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std::string utilmm::cmdline_option::m_default [private]

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std::string utilmm::cmdline_option::m_help [private]

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std::string utilmm::cmdline_option::m_long [private]

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std::string utilmm::cmdline_option::m_short [private]

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