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#include "typelib.hh"
#include <typelib/typevisitor.hh>
#include <typelib/pluginmanager.hh>
#include <typelib/importer.hh>
#include <utilmm/configfile/configset.hh>
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void Init_typelib_ruby ()
static VALUE kernel_is_immediate (VALUE klass, VALUE object)
static VALUE kernel_is_numeric (VALUE klass, VALUE object)
static VALUE typelib_with_dyncall (VALUE klass)


static VALUE mTypelib = Qnil

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static VALUE kernel_is_immediate ( VALUE  klass,
VALUE  object 
) [static]

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static VALUE kernel_is_numeric ( VALUE  klass,
VALUE  object 
) [static]

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static VALUE typelib_with_dyncall ( VALUE  klass) [static]

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VALUE mTypelib = Qnil [static]

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