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#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <ruby.h>
#include <typelib/value.hh>
#include <test/test_cimport.1>
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static VALUE check_B_c_value (VALUE self, VALUE rb)
int check_id_value (DEFINE_ID test_id, int check)
int check_opaque_value (OPAQUE_TYPE handler, int check)
static VALUE check_struct_A_value (VALUE self, VALUE ra)
static bool do_check_struct_A_value (A const &a)
static void do_set_B_c_value (B &b)
static void do_set_struct_A_value (A &a)
static VALUE fill_multi_dim_array (VALUE self, VALUE rb)
void generate_nand (double *value)
void generate_nanf (float *value)
void Init_libtest_ruby ()
static VALUE set_B_c_value (VALUE self, VALUE rb)
static VALUE set_struct_A_value (VALUE self, VALUE ra)
void test_arg_input_output (int *value, INPUT_OUTPUT_MODE mode)
void test_enum_io_handling (INPUT_OUTPUT_MODE *mode)
int test_id_handling (DEFINE_ID *new_id, int check)
int test_immediate_to_pointer (double *value)
void test_modifies_argument (int *value)
void test_null_return_value (DEFINE_ID *test_id, int check)
void test_numeric_argument_passing (char a, short b, int c, long d, long long e, float f, double g)
OPAQUE_TYPE test_opaque_handling ()
void test_pointer_argument (A *a)
void test_ptr_argument_changes (struct B *b)
void test_returns_argument (int *holder)
char test_returns_numeric_argument_char (char value)
double test_returns_numeric_argument_double (double value)
float test_returns_numeric_argument_float (float value)
int test_returns_numeric_argument_int (int value)
int64_t test_returns_numeric_argument_int64_t (int64_t value)
long test_returns_numeric_argument_long (long value)
short test_returns_numeric_argument_short (short value)
struct Atest_returns_pointer ()
void test_simple_function_call ()
void test_string_argument (char const *value)
void test_string_argument_modification (char *str, int buffer_length)
void test_string_as_array (char str[256])
const char * test_string_return ()
void test_void_argument (void *value, int check)


static int opaque_handler
static const char * static_string = "string_return"

Function Documentation

static VALUE check_B_c_value ( VALUE  self,
VALUE  rb 
) [static]

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int check_id_value ( DEFINE_ID  test_id,
int  check 

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int check_opaque_value ( OPAQUE_TYPE  handler,
int  check 

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static VALUE check_struct_A_value ( VALUE  self,
VALUE  ra 
) [static]

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static bool do_check_struct_A_value ( A const &  a) [static]

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static void do_set_B_c_value ( B b) [static]

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static void do_set_struct_A_value ( A a) [static]

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static VALUE fill_multi_dim_array ( VALUE  self,
VALUE  rb 
) [static]

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void generate_nand ( double *  value)

Definition at line 105 of file

void generate_nanf ( float *  value)

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static VALUE set_B_c_value ( VALUE  self,
VALUE  rb 
) [static]

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static VALUE set_struct_A_value ( VALUE  self,
VALUE  ra 
) [static]

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void test_arg_input_output ( int *  value,

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void test_enum_io_handling ( INPUT_OUTPUT_MODE *  mode)

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int test_id_handling ( DEFINE_ID *  new_id,
int  check 

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int test_immediate_to_pointer ( double *  value)

Definition at line 145 of file

void test_modifies_argument ( int *  value)

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void test_null_return_value ( DEFINE_ID *  test_id,
int  check 

Definition at line 206 of file

void test_numeric_argument_passing ( char  a,
short  b,
int  c,
long  d,
long long  e,
float  f,
double  g 

Definition at line 109 of file

OPAQUE_TYPE test_opaque_handling ( )

Definition at line 174 of file

void test_pointer_argument ( A a)

Definition at line 124 of file

void test_ptr_argument_changes ( struct B b)

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void test_returns_argument ( int *  holder)

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char test_returns_numeric_argument_char ( char  value)

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double test_returns_numeric_argument_double ( double  value)

Definition at line 120 of file

float test_returns_numeric_argument_float ( float  value)

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Definition at line 118 of file

long test_returns_numeric_argument_long ( long  value)

Definition at line 117 of file

short test_returns_numeric_argument_short ( short  value)

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struct A* test_returns_pointer ( ) [read]

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void test_string_argument ( char const *  value)

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void test_string_argument_modification ( char *  str,
int  buffer_length 

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void test_string_as_array ( char  str[256])

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const char* test_string_return ( )

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void test_void_argument ( void *  value,
int  check 

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Variable Documentation


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int opaque_handler [static]

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const char* static_string = "string_return" [static]

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