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#include "typelib.hh"
#include <string>
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static bool is_string_handler (Registry const &registry, Type const &type, bool known_size=false)
static void string_buffer_get (Value const &value, char *&buffer, string::size_type &size)
static VALUE value_from_string (VALUE mod, VALUE self, VALUE from, VALUE known_good_type)
static VALUE value_string_handler_p (VALUE self)
static VALUE value_to_string (VALUE mod, VALUE self, VALUE known_good_type)

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static bool is_string_handler ( Registry const &  registry,
Type const &  type,
bool  known_size = false 
) [static]

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static void string_buffer_get ( Value const &  value,
char *&  buffer,
string::size_type &  size 
) [static]

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static VALUE value_from_string ( VALUE  mod,
VALUE  self,
VALUE  from,
VALUE  known_good_type 
) [static]

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static VALUE value_string_handler_p ( VALUE  self) [static]

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static VALUE value_to_string ( VALUE  mod,
VALUE  self,
VALUE  known_good_type 
) [static]

Converts a C string to a Ruby string. NEVER call that directly. It is used to define #to_str on the relevant instances of Type

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