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#include "typelib.hh"
#include <typelib/value_ops.hh>
#include <ruby.h>
#include <st.h>
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struct  MemoryTableEntry
struct  RbMemoryLayout


typedef std::map< void const
*, void const * > 
typedef long st_index_t
typedef std::map< void const
*, RbMemoryLayout


static VALUE memory_aref (void *ptr)
static void memory_aset (void *ptr, VALUE obj, bool owned, void *root_ptr)
static int memory_table_compare (void *a, void *b)
static st_index_t memory_table_hash (void *a)
static void memory_touch_all ()
static int memory_touch_i (volatile void *ptr, MemoryTableEntry *entry, st_data_t)
static VALUE memory_zone_address (VALUE self)
static VALUE memory_zone_table_size (VALUE self)
static VALUE memory_zone_to_ptr (VALUE self)
static VALUE string_to_memory_ptr (VALUE self)


static VALUE cMemoryZone
TypeLayouts memory_layouts
static struct st_hash_type memory_table_type
MemoryTypes memory_types
static st_table * MemoryTable

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map< void const*, void const* > MemoryTypes

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typedef long st_index_t

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typedef std::map< void const*, RbMemoryLayout > TypeLayouts

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Function Documentation

static VALUE memory_aref ( void *  ptr) [static]

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static void memory_aset ( void *  ptr,
VALUE  obj,
bool  owned,
void *  root_ptr 
) [static]

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static int memory_table_compare ( void *  a,
void *  b 
) [static]

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static st_index_t memory_table_hash ( void *  a) [static]

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static void memory_touch_all ( ) [static]

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static int memory_touch_i ( volatile void *  ptr,
MemoryTableEntry entry,
) [static]

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static VALUE memory_zone_address ( VALUE  self) [static]

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static VALUE memory_zone_table_size ( VALUE  self) [static]

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static VALUE memory_zone_to_ptr ( VALUE  self) [static]

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static VALUE string_to_memory_ptr ( VALUE  self) [static]

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Variable Documentation

VALUE cMemoryZone [static]

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struct st_hash_type memory_table_type [static]
Initial value:
    (int (*)())memory_table_compare,
    (int (*)())memory_table_hash

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st_table* MemoryTable [static]

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