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web_interface Namespace Reference


namespace  db
namespace  views


tuple app = flask.Flask(__name__)
tuple DB_HOST = rospy.get_param('warehouse_host', 'localhost')
tuple DB_NAME = rospy.get_param('semantic_db_name', 'semantic_world_model')
tuple DB_PORT = rospy.get_param('warehouse_port')
tuple lock = threading.RLock()
tuple site_root = os.path.dirname(__file__)

Variable Documentation

tuple web_interface::app = flask.Flask(__name__)

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tuple web_interface::DB_HOST = rospy.get_param('warehouse_host', 'localhost')

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tuple web_interface::DB_NAME = rospy.get_param('semantic_db_name', 'semantic_world_model')

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tuple web_interface::DB_PORT = rospy.get_param('warehouse_port')

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tuple web_interface::lock = threading.RLock()

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tuple web_interface::site_root = os.path.dirname(__file__)

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