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rqt_robot_monitor.util_robot_monitor.Util Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__

Static Public Member Functions

def gen_headline_status_green
def gen_headline_warn_or_err
def get_children
def get_correspondent
def get_correspondent_index
def get_nice_name
def get_parent_name
def remove_parent_name

Static Private Member Functions

def _get_color_for_message
def _update_status_images

Static Private Attributes

dictionary _COLOR_DICT
string _DICTKEY_INDEX = 'index'
string _DICTKEY_STATITEM = 'statitem'
string _DICTKEY_TIMES_ERROR = 'times_errors'
string _DICTKEY_TIMES_WARN = 'times_warnings'
tuple _ERR_ICON = QIcon.fromTheme('dialog-error')
dictionary _IMG_DICT = {0: _OK_ICON, 1: _WARN_ICON, 2: _ERR_ICON, 3: _STALE_ICON}
tuple _OK_ICON = QIcon.fromTheme('emblem-default')
tuple _STALE_ICON = QIcon.fromTheme('dialog-question')
tuple _WARN_ICON = QIcon.fromTheme('dialog-warning')

Detailed Description

@todo: Utils and common configs are mixed in this class.

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Member Function Documentation

def rqt_robot_monitor.util_robot_monitor.Util._get_color_for_message (   msg,
  mode = 0 
) [static, private]

@param msg: Either DiagnosticArray or DiagnosticsStatus.
@param mode: int. When 0, this func will iterate msg to find 
     DiagnosticsStatus.level and put it into a dict.
     When 1, this func finds DiagnosticsStatus.level from msg
     without iteration (thus, msg is expected to be
     DiagnosticsStatus instance). 
Copied from robot_monitor.

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def rqt_robot_monitor.util_robot_monitor.Util._update_status_images (   diagnostic_status,
) [static, private]
Taken from

@param status: DiagnosticStatus         
@param node: StatusItem 
@author: Isaac Saito 

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def rqt_robot_monitor.util_robot_monitor.Util.get_children (   name,
) [static]

@param msg: DiagnosticArray
@return: DiagnosticStatus[]

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def rqt_robot_monitor.util_robot_monitor.Util.get_correspondent (   key,
) [static]

@param key: String.  
@param list_statitem: DiagnosticsStatus
@return: StatusItem

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def rqt_robot_monitor.util_robot_monitor.Util.get_correspondent_index (   key,
) [static]
@deprecated: Use get_correspondent

@param key: string
@param statusitems: DiagnosticStatus[]
@return: int of index that key is found in array. -1 if not found

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Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
{0: QColor(85, 178, 76),
                   1: QColor(222, 213, 17),
                   2: QColor(178, 23, 46),
                   3: QColor(40, 23, 176)

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string rqt_robot_monitor::util_robot_monitor.Util::_DICTKEY_TIMES_ERROR = 'times_errors' [static, private]

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string rqt_robot_monitor::util_robot_monitor.Util::_DICTKEY_TIMES_WARN = 'times_warnings' [static, private]

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tuple rqt_robot_monitor::util_robot_monitor.Util::_ERR_ICON = QIcon.fromTheme('dialog-error') [static, private]

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tuple rqt_robot_monitor::util_robot_monitor.Util::_OK_ICON = QIcon.fromTheme('emblem-default') [static, private]

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tuple rqt_robot_monitor::util_robot_monitor.Util::_STALE_ICON = QIcon.fromTheme('dialog-question') [static, private]

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tuple rqt_robot_monitor::util_robot_monitor.Util::_WARN_ICON = QIcon.fromTheme('dialog-warning') [static, private]

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