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xbee.frame.APIFrame Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def checksum
def fill
def len_bytes
def output
def parse
def remaining_bytes
def verify

Static Public Member Functions

def escape

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string ESCAPE_BYTE = '\x7D'
string START_BYTE = '\x7E'
string XOFF_BYTE = '\x13'
string XON_BYTE = '\x11'

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Represents a frame of data to be sent to or which was received 
from an XBee device

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def xbee.frame.APIFrame.__init__ (   self,
  data = '',
  escaped = False 

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Member Function Documentation

checksum: None -> single checksum byte

checksum adds all bytes of the binary, unescaped data in the 
frame, saves the last byte of the result, and subtracts it from 
0xFF. The final result is the checksum

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def xbee.frame.APIFrame.escape (   data) [static]
escape: byte string -> byte string

When a 'special' byte is encountered in the given data string,
it is preceded by an escape byte and XORed with 0x20.

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def xbee.frame.APIFrame.fill (   self,
fill: byte -> None

Adds the given raw byte to this APIFrame. If this APIFrame is marked
as escaped and this byte is an escape byte, the next byte in a call
to fill() will be unescaped.

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len_data: None -> (MSB, LSB) 16-bit integer length, two bytes

len_bytes counts the number of bytes to be sent and encodes the 
data length in two bytes, big-endian (most significant first).

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output: None -> valid API frame (binary data)

output will produce a valid API frame for transmission to an 
XBee module.

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def xbee.frame.APIFrame.parse (   self)
parse: None -> None

Given a valid API frame, parse extracts the data contained
inside it and verifies it against its checksum

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def xbee.frame.APIFrame.verify (   self,
verify: 1 byte -> boolean

verify checksums the frame, adds the expected checksum, and 
determines whether the result is correct. The result should 
be 0xFF.

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Member Data Documentation

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string xbee::frame.APIFrame::ESCAPE_BYTE = '\x7D' [static]

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string xbee::frame.APIFrame::START_BYTE = '\x7E' [static]

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string xbee::frame.APIFrame::XOFF_BYTE = '\x13' [static]

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string xbee::frame.APIFrame::XON_BYTE = '\x11' [static]

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