Package rosmake :: Module package_stats :: Class PackageFlagTracker
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Class PackageFlagTracker

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This will use the dependency tracker to test if packages are blacklisted and all their dependents.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, dependency_tracker, os_name=None, os_version=None) source code
register_blacklisted(self, blacklisted_package, dependent_package) source code
register_blacklisted_osx(self, blacklisted_package, dependent_package) source code
is_blacklisted(self, package) source code
is_blacklisted_osx(self, package) source code
has_nobuild(self, package) source code
has_makefile(self, package) source code
add_nobuild(self, package) source code
remove_nobuild(self, package) source code
mark_build_failed(self, package) source code
build_failed(self, package) source code
can_build(self, pkg, use_blacklist=False, failed_packages=[], use_makefile=True)
Return (buildable, error, "reason why not")
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