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ros.communication.Message Class Reference

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class  Serialization

Public Member Functions

Message clone ()
abstract void deserialize (ByteBuffer bb)
void deserialize (byte[] data)
abstract String getDataType ()
abstract String getMD5Sum ()
abstract String getMessageDefinition ()
String getServerMD5Sum ()
abstract int serializationLength ()
abstract void serialize (ByteBuffer bb, int seq)
byte[] serialize (int seq)
abstract void setTo (Message m)

Static Public Member Functions

static String __s_getDataType ()
static String __s_getMD5Sum ()
static String __s_getMessageDefinition ()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

static String ros.communication.Message.__s_getDataType ( ) [inline, static]

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static String ros.communication.Message.__s_getMD5Sum ( ) [inline, static]

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static String ros.communication.Message.__s_getMessageDefinition ( ) [inline, static]

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abstract void ros.communication.Message.deserialize ( ByteBuffer  bb) [pure virtual]
void ros.communication.Message.deserialize ( byte[]  data) [inline]

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abstract String ros.communication.Message.getDataType ( ) [pure virtual]
abstract String ros.communication.Message.getMD5Sum ( ) [pure virtual]
abstract String ros.communication.Message.getMessageDefinition ( ) [pure virtual]

Definition at line 50 of file

abstract int ros.communication.Message.serializationLength ( ) [pure virtual]
abstract void ros.communication.Message.serialize ( ByteBuffer  bb,
int  seq 
) [pure virtual]
byte [] ros.communication.Message.serialize ( int  seq) [inline]

Definition at line 57 of file

abstract void ros.communication.Message.setTo ( Message  m) [pure virtual]

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