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rosclean Namespace Reference


class  CleanupException


def _ask_and_call
def _get_check_dirs
def _rosclean_cmd_check
def _rosclean_cmd_purge
def _usage
def get_disk_usage
def get_human_readable_disk_usage
def rosclean_main


string __version__ = '1.7.0'

Function Documentation

def rosclean._ask_and_call (   cmds,
  cwd = None 
) [private]
Pretty print cmds, ask if they should be run, and if so, runs
them using subprocess.check_call.

:param cwd: (optional) set cwd of command that is executed, ``str``
:returns: ``True`` if cmds were run.

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def rosclean._get_check_dirs ( ) [private]

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def rosclean._rosclean_cmd_check (   argv) [private]

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def rosclean._rosclean_cmd_purge (   argv) [private]

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def rosclean._usage ( ) [private]

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Get disk usage in bytes for directory
:param d: directory path, ``str``
:returns: disk usage in bytes (du -b) or (du -A) * 1024, ``int``
:raises: :exc:`CleanupException` If get_disk_usage() cannot be used on this platform

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Get human-readable disk usage for directory

:param d: directory path, ``str`
:returns: human-readable disk usage (du -h), ``str``

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def rosclean.rosclean_main (   argv = None)

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Variable Documentation

string rosclean::__version__ = '1.7.0'

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