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robotis.lib_dynamixel.Robotis_Servo Class Reference

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def __init__
def angle_to_encoder
def angvel_to_bytes
def bytes_to_angvel
def clip_angle
def clip_angvel
def encoder_to_angle

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Class to use a robotis RX-28 or RX-64 servo.

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def robotis.lib_dynamixel.Robotis_Servo.__init__ (   self,
  series = 'RX' 
servo_id - servo ids connected to USB2Dynamixel 1,2,3,4 ... (1 to 253)
       [0 is broadcast if memory serves]
    series - Just a convenience for defining "good" defaults on MX series.
     When set to "MX" it uses these values, otherwise it uses values
     better for AX / RX series.  Any of the defaults can be overloaded
     on a servo-by-servo bases in

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Member Function Documentation

return encoder position for given angle (radians)

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Convert Angular velocity, in rad/sec, to hi, lo bytes.

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def robotis.lib_dynamixel.Robotis_Servo.bytes_to_angvel (   self,
returns the current angular velocity from hi, lo bytes

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Clip commanded joint angles to within the allowed range.

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Clip commanded velocity to below the allowed maximum.
   negative angvels will be set to maximum.

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return angular position (rad) from given encoder position

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