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pr2_msgs::msg::_BatteryState2 Namespace Reference


class  BatteryState2


tuple _struct_2I = struct.Struct("<2I")
tuple _struct_48B = struct.Struct("<48B")
tuple _struct_48h = struct.Struct("<48h")
tuple _struct_6B2I = struct.Struct("<6B2I")
 _struct_I = genpy.struct_I
int python3 = 0x03000000

Detailed Description

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Variable Documentation

tuple pr2_msgs::msg::_BatteryState2::_struct_2I = struct.Struct("<2I")

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tuple pr2_msgs::msg::_BatteryState2::_struct_48B = struct.Struct("<48B")

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tuple pr2_msgs::msg::_BatteryState2::_struct_48h = struct.Struct("<48h")

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tuple pr2_msgs::msg::_BatteryState2::_struct_6B2I = struct.Struct("<6B2I")

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