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calibrate Namespace Reference


def calibrate
def calibrate_imu
def main


tuple load_controller = rospy.ServiceProxy('pr2_controller_manager/load_controller', LoadController)
tuple switch_controller = rospy.ServiceProxy('pr2_controller_manager/switch_controller', SwitchController)
tuple unload_controller = rospy.ServiceProxy('pr2_controller_manager/unload_controller', UnloadController)

Function Documentation

def calibrate.calibrate (   controllers)

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def calibrate.main ( )

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Variable Documentation

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tuple calibrate::load_controller = rospy.ServiceProxy('pr2_controller_manager/load_controller', LoadController)

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tuple calibrate::switch_controller = rospy.ServiceProxy('pr2_controller_manager/switch_controller', SwitchController)

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tuple calibrate::unload_controller = rospy.ServiceProxy('pr2_controller_manager/unload_controller', UnloadController)

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