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Poco::Latin9Encoding Class Reference

#include <Latin9Encoding.h>

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Public Member Functions

const char * canonicalName () const
 Destroys the encoding.
const CharacterMapcharacterMap () const
int convert (const unsigned char *bytes) const
int convert (int ch, unsigned char *bytes, int length) const
bool isA (const std::string &encodingName) const
 Latin9Encoding ()
 ~Latin9Encoding ()

Static Private Attributes

static const CharacterMap _charMap
static const char * _names []

Detailed Description

ISO Latin-9 (8859-15) text encoding.

Latin-9 is basically Latin-1 with the EURO sign plus some other minor changes.

Definition at line 50 of file Latin9Encoding.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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Member Function Documentation

const char * Poco::Latin9Encoding::canonicalName ( ) const [virtual]

Destroys the encoding.

Implements Poco::TextEncoding.

Definition at line 84 of file Latin9Encoding.cpp.

Returns true if the given name is one of the names of this encoding. For example, the "ISO-8859-1" encoding is also known as "Latin-1".

Encoding name comparision are be case insensitive.

Implements Poco::TextEncoding.

Definition at line 101 of file Latin9Encoding.cpp.

int Poco::Latin9Encoding::convert ( const unsigned char *  bytes) const [virtual]

Returns the CharacterMap for the encoding. The CharacterMap should be kept in a static member. As characterMap() can be called frequently, it should be implemented in such a way that it just returns a static map. If the map is built at runtime, this should be done in the constructor.

Reimplemented from Poco::TextEncoding.

Definition at line 107 of file Latin9Encoding.cpp.

int Poco::Latin9Encoding::convert ( int  ch,
unsigned char *  bytes,
int  length 
) const [virtual]

The convert function is used to convert multibyte sequences; bytes will point to a byte sequence of n bytes where getCharacterMap()[*bytes] == -n.

The convert function must return the Unicode scalar value represented by this byte sequence or -1 if the byte sequence is malformed. The default implementation returns (int) bytes[0].

Reimplemented from Poco::TextEncoding.

Definition at line 113 of file Latin9Encoding.cpp.

bool Poco::Latin9Encoding::isA ( const std::string &  encodingName) const [virtual]

Returns the canonical name of this encoding, e.g. "ISO-8859-1". Encoding name comparisons are case insensitive.

Implements Poco::TextEncoding.

Definition at line 90 of file Latin9Encoding.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
                0x0000, 0x0001, 0x0002, 0x0003, 0x0004, 0x0005, 0x0006, 0x0007, 0x0008, 0x0009, 0x000a, 0x000b, 0x000c, 0x000d, 0x000e, 0x000f, 
                0x0010, 0x0011, 0x0012, 0x0013, 0x0014, 0x0015, 0x0016, 0x0017, 0x0018, 0x0019, 0x001a, 0x001b, 0x001c, 0x001d, 0x001e, 0x001f, 
                0x0020, 0x0021, 0x0022, 0x0023, 0x0024, 0x0025, 0x0026, 0x0027, 0x0028, 0x0029, 0x002a, 0x002b, 0x002c, 0x002d, 0x002e, 0x002f, 
                0x0030, 0x0031, 0x0032, 0x0033, 0x0034, 0x0035, 0x0036, 0x0037, 0x0038, 0x0039, 0x003a, 0x003b, 0x003c, 0x003d, 0x003e, 0x003f, 
                0x0040, 0x0041, 0x0042, 0x0043, 0x0044, 0x0045, 0x0046, 0x0047, 0x0048, 0x0049, 0x004a, 0x004b, 0x004c, 0x004d, 0x004e, 0x004f, 
                0x0050, 0x0051, 0x0052, 0x0053, 0x0054, 0x0055, 0x0056, 0x0057, 0x0058, 0x0059, 0x005a, 0x005b, 0x005c, 0x005d, 0x005e, 0x005f, 
                0x0060, 0x0061, 0x0062, 0x0063, 0x0064, 0x0065, 0x0066, 0x0067, 0x0068, 0x0069, 0x006a, 0x006b, 0x006c, 0x006d, 0x006e, 0x006f, 
                0x0070, 0x0071, 0x0072, 0x0073, 0x0074, 0x0075, 0x0076, 0x0077, 0x0078, 0x0079, 0x007a, 0x007b, 0x007c, 0x007d, 0x007e, 0x007f, 
                0x0080, 0x0081, 0x0082, 0x0083, 0x0084, 0x0085, 0x0086, 0x0087, 0x0088, 0x0089, 0x008a, 0x008b, 0x008c, 0x008d, 0x008e, 0x008f, 
                0x0090, 0x0091, 0x0092, 0x0093, 0x0094, 0x0095, 0x0096, 0x0097, 0x0098, 0x0099, 0x009a, 0x009b, 0x009c, 0x009d, 0x009e, 0x009f, 
                0x00a0, 0x00a1, 0x00a2, 0x00a3, 0x20ac, 0x00a5, 0x0160, 0x00a7, 0x0161, 0x00a9, 0x00aa, 0x00ab, 0x00ac, 0x00ad, 0x00ae, 0x00af, 
                0x00b0, 0x00b1, 0x00b2, 0x00b3, 0x017d, 0x00b5, 0x00b6, 0x00b7, 0x017e, 0x00b9, 0x00ba, 0x00bb, 0x0152, 0x0153, 0x0178, 0x00bf, 
                0x00c0, 0x00c1, 0x00c2, 0x00c3, 0x00c4, 0x00c5, 0x00c6, 0x00c7, 0x00c8, 0x00c9, 0x00ca, 0x00cb, 0x00cc, 0x00cd, 0x00ce, 0x00cf, 
                0x00d0, 0x00d1, 0x00d2, 0x00d3, 0x00d4, 0x00d5, 0x00d6, 0x00d7, 0x00d8, 0x00d9, 0x00da, 0x00db, 0x00dc, 0x00dd, 0x00de, 0x00df, 
                0x00e0, 0x00e1, 0x00e2, 0x00e3, 0x00e4, 0x00e5, 0x00e6, 0x00e7, 0x00e8, 0x00e9, 0x00ea, 0x00eb, 0x00ec, 0x00ed, 0x00ee, 0x00ef, 
                0x00f0, 0x00f1, 0x00f2, 0x00f3, 0x00f4, 0x00f5, 0x00f6, 0x00f7, 0x00f8, 0x00f9, 0x00fa, 0x00fb, 0x00fc, 0x00fd, 0x00fe, 0x00ff, 

Definition at line 67 of file Latin9Encoding.h.

const char * Poco::Latin9Encoding::_names [static, private]
Initial value:

Definition at line 66 of file Latin9Encoding.h.

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