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parallel_common.h File Reference
#include <ode/ode.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <vector>
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namespace  ParallelOptions
namespace  ParallelTypes


#define PARALLEL_TYPE   None
#define PROJ_NAME   "parallel_quickstep"


typedef size_t ArrayIndex
typedef size_t ArraySize
typedef IntVector::const_iterator ConstIntVectorIter
typedef std::vector< int > IntVector
typedef IntVector::iterator IntVectorIter
typedef ParallelTypes::ParallelType ParallelType


enum  ParallelOptions::ParallelOption {
  ParallelOptions::MAXBATCHES = 4, ParallelOptions::MAXBODYREPETITION = 31, ParallelOptions::BSIZE = 64, ParallelOptions::MBSIZE = 96,
  ParallelOptions::MAXTHREADS = 512, ParallelOptions::SHAREDMEMORYSIZE = 16384, ParallelOptions::MEMALIGN = 128, ParallelOptions::DEFAULTALIGN = 32,
  ParallelOptions::FLOATALIGN = MEMALIGN / sizeof(float), ParallelOptions::DOUBLEALIGN = MEMALIGN / sizeof(double), ParallelOptions::DEFAULTSCALARALIGN = FLOATALIGN
enum  ParallelTypes::ParallelType { ParallelTypes::CUDA, ParallelTypes::OpenCL, ParallelTypes::OpenMP, ParallelTypes::None }

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Definition at line 50 of file parallel_common.h.

#define PARALLEL_TYPE   None

Definition at line 49 of file parallel_common.h.

#define PROJ_NAME   "parallel_quickstep"

Definition at line 82 of file parallel_common.h.

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typedef size_t ArrayIndex

Definition at line 76 of file parallel_common.h.

typedef size_t ArraySize

Definition at line 75 of file parallel_common.h.

typedef IntVector::const_iterator ConstIntVectorIter

Definition at line 80 of file parallel_common.h.

typedef std::vector<int> IntVector

Definition at line 78 of file parallel_common.h.

typedef IntVector::iterator IntVectorIter

Definition at line 79 of file parallel_common.h.

Definition at line 73 of file parallel_common.h.

Definition at line 12 of file parallel_common.h.

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