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parallel_array.h File Reference
#include <parallel_common.h>
#include <parallel_memory.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <cstring>
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class  parallel_utils::ParallelArray< Type, RType, PType >
 Encapsulates allocation/deallocation and access to arrays on both the host and device. More...
class  parallel_utils::ParallelHDArray< Type, PType >
 Wraps both a host and device ParallArray and exposes methods for synchronizing between the two. More...


namespace  parallel_utils
namespace  parallel_utils::ArrayTypes




typedef ArrayTypes::ArrayType parallel_utils::ArrayType


enum  parallel_utils::ArrayTypes::ArrayType { parallel_utils::ArrayTypes::HOST_ARRAY, parallel_utils::ArrayTypes::DEVICE_ARRAY }
 Types of parallel arrays. More...

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Specifies the growth increase threshold for the buffer

Definition at line 22 of file parallel_array.h.

Specifies the growth decrease threshold for the buffer

Definition at line 23 of file parallel_array.h.


Specifies the growth factor for the buffer

Definition at line 21 of file parallel_array.h.

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