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opencl_utils.h File Reference
#include <CL/cl.h>
#include <fstream>
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#define oclCheckError(a, b)   oclCheckErrorEX(a, b, 0)
#define oclCheckErrorEX(a, b, c)   __oclCheckErrorEX(a, b, c, __FILE__ , __LINE__)


void __oclCheckErrorEX (cl_int iSample, cl_int iReference, void(*pCleanup)(int), const char *cFile, const int iLine)
cl_context dxGetDeviceContext ()
cl_command_queue dxGetDeviceQueue ()
void dxGlobalSync ()
void dxInitDevice ()
void dxShutdownDevice ()
const char * oclErrorString (cl_int error)
char * oclFindFilePath (const char *filename, const char *executablePath)
cl_device_id oclGetFirstDev (cl_context cxGPUContext)
cl_context oclGetGlobalContext ()
cl_command_queue oclGetGlobalQueue ()
cl_int oclGetPlatformID (cl_platform_id *clSelectedPlatformID)
void oclGetProgBinary (cl_program cpProgram, cl_device_id cdDevice, char **binary, size_t *length)
void oclInit ()
void oclInitializeKernels (cl_context cxGPUContext, cl_command_queue cqCommandQueue)
char * oclLoadProgSource (const char *cFilename, const char *cPreamble, size_t *szFinalLength)
void oclLogBuildInfo (cl_program cpProgram, cl_device_id cdDevice)
void oclLogPtx (cl_program cpProgram, cl_device_id cdDevice, const char *cPtxFileName)
void oclShutdown (cl_context clContext, cl_command_queue clQueue)
void oclShutdownKernels (void)

Define Documentation

#define oclCheckError (   a,
)    oclCheckErrorEX(a, b, 0)

Definition at line 11 of file opencl_utils.h.

#define oclCheckErrorEX (   a,
)    __oclCheckErrorEX(a, b, c, __FILE__ , __LINE__)

Definition at line 10 of file opencl_utils.h.

Function Documentation

void __oclCheckErrorEX ( cl_int  iSample,
cl_int  iReference,
void(*)(int)  pCleanup,
const char *  cFile,
const int  iLine 
) [inline]

Definition at line 34 of file opencl_utils.h.

cl_context dxGetDeviceContext ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 51 of file opencl_utils.h.

cl_command_queue dxGetDeviceQueue ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 52 of file opencl_utils.h.

void dxGlobalSync ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 54 of file opencl_utils.h.

void dxInitDevice ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 55 of file opencl_utils.h.

void dxShutdownDevice ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 56 of file opencl_utils.h.

const char* oclErrorString ( cl_int  error)

Definition at line 346 of file opencl_utils.cpp.

char* oclFindFilePath ( const char *  filename,
const char *  executablePath 

Definition at line 421 of file opencl_utils.cpp.

cl_device_id oclGetFirstDev ( cl_context  cxGPUContext)

Get the first device associated with the given context

the first device id associated with the context
cxGPUContextthe context with which the device is associated

Definition at line 96 of file opencl_utils.cpp.

cl_context oclGetGlobalContext ( )

Definition at line 16 of file opencl_utils.cpp.

cl_command_queue oclGetGlobalQueue ( )

Definition at line 20 of file opencl_utils.cpp.

cl_int oclGetPlatformID ( cl_platform_id *  clSelectedPlatformID)

Gets the platform ID for NVIDIA if available, otherwise default

the id
clSelectedPlatformIDOpenCL platoform ID

Definition at line 30 of file opencl_utils.cpp.

void oclGetProgBinary ( cl_program  cpProgram,
cl_device_id  cdDevice,
char **  binary,
size_t *  length 

Get the binary (PTX) of the program associated with the device

cpProgramOpenCL program
cdDevicedevice of interest
binaryreturned code
lengthlength of returned code

Definition at line 211 of file opencl_utils.cpp.

void oclInit ( )

Initializes the global context and command queue

Definition at line 116 of file opencl_utils.cpp.

void oclInitializeKernels ( cl_context  cxGPUContext,
cl_command_queue  cqCommandQueue 

Definition at line 49 of file opencl_kernels.cpp.

char* oclLoadProgSource ( const char *  cFilename,
const char *  cPreamble,
size_t *  szFinalLength 

Loads a Program file and prepends the cPreamble to the code.

the source string if succeeded, 0 otherwise
cFilenameprogram filename
cPreamblecode that is prepended to the loaded file, typically a set of #defines or a header
szFinalLengthreturned length of the code string

Definition at line 155 of file opencl_utils.cpp.

void oclLogBuildInfo ( cl_program  cpProgram,
cl_device_id  cdDevice 

Get and log the binary (PTX) from the OpenCL compiler for the requested program & device

cpProgramOpenCL program
cdDevicedevice of interest

Definition at line 328 of file opencl_utils.cpp.

void oclLogPtx ( cl_program  cpProgram,
cl_device_id  cdDevice,
const char *  cPtxFileName 

Get and log the binary (PTX) from the OpenCL compiler for the requested program & device

cpProgramOpenCL program
cdDevicedevice of interest
constchar* cPtxFileName optional PTX file name

Definition at line 259 of file opencl_utils.cpp.

void oclShutdown ( cl_context  clContext,
cl_command_queue  clQueue 

Releases the global context and command queue

clContextthe context to release
clQueuethe command queue to release

Definition at line 140 of file opencl_utils.cpp.

void oclShutdownKernels ( void  )

Definition at line 94 of file opencl_kernels.cpp.

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