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parallel_ode::ReduceStrategyFactory Class Reference

#include <parallel_reduce.h>

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static ReduceStrategycreate (ReduceType reduceType, bool bClearBuffers=true, int bodyAlignment=ParallelOptions::DEFAULTALIGN)
 Creates a reduction strategy according the given arguments.

Detailed Description

Handles the creation of reduction strategies according to a desired type and alignment

Definition at line 179 of file parallel_reduce.h.

Member Function Documentation

static ReduceStrategy* parallel_ode::ReduceStrategyFactory::create ( ReduceType  reduceType,
bool  bClearBuffers = true,
int  bodyAlignment = ParallelOptions::DEFAULTALIGN 
) [inline, static]

Creates a reduction strategy according the given arguments.

reduceTypeThe type of reduction
bClearBuffersWhether to clear the reduction buffers after each reduce operation
bodyAlignmentThe number of bodies per aligned memory stride
A pointer to the reduction strategy

Definition at line 191 of file parallel_reduce.h.

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