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kinfam_io.cpp File Reference
#include "kinfam_io.hpp"
#include "frames_io.hpp"
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namespace  KDL


std::ostream & KDL::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Joint &joint)
std::ostream & KDL::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Segment &segment)
std::ostream & KDL::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Chain &chain)
std::ostream & KDL::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Tree &tree)
std::ostream & KDL::operator<< (std::ostream &os, SegmentMap::const_iterator root)
std::ostream & KDL::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const JntArray &array)
std::ostream & KDL::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Jacobian &jac)
std::ostream & KDL::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const JntSpaceInertiaMatrix &jntspaceinertiamatrix)
std::istream & KDL::operator>> (std::istream &is, Joint &joint)
std::istream & KDL::operator>> (std::istream &is, Segment &segment)
std::istream & KDL::operator>> (std::istream &is, Chain &chain)
std::istream & KDL::operator>> (std::istream &is, Tree &tree)
std::istream & KDL::operator>> (std::istream &is, JntArray &array)
std::istream & KDL::operator>> (std::istream &is, Jacobian &jac)
std::istream & KDL::operator>> (std::istream &is, JntSpaceInertiaMatrix &jntspaceinertiamatrix)

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