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nmea_gps_driver Namespace Reference


def addTFPrefix
def check_checksum
def convertNMEATimeToROS


tuple altitude = float(fields[9])
tuple data = GPS.readline()
tuple fields = data.split(',')
tuple frame_id = rospy.get_param('~frame_id','gps')
tuple GPS = serial.Serial(port=GPSport, baudrate=GPSrate, timeout=2)
tuple gps_quality = int(fields[6])
 GPSLock = False
tuple GPSport = rospy.get_param('~port','/dev/ttyUSB0')
tuple gpspub = rospy.Publisher('fix', NavSatFix)
tuple GPSrate = rospy.get_param('~baud',4800)
tuple gpstime = TimeReference()
tuple gpstimePub = rospy.Publisher('time_reference', TimeReference)
tuple gpsVel = TwistStamped()
tuple gpsVelPub = rospy.Publisher('vel',TwistStamped)
tuple hdop = float(fields[8])
tuple i = i.strip(',')
tuple latitude = float(fields[3][0:2])
tuple lockState = int(fields[2])
tuple longitude = float(fields[5][0:3])
tuple navData = NavSatFix()
tuple time_ref_source = rospy.get_param('~time_ref_source', frame_id)
tuple timeNow = rospy.get_rostime()
tuple useRMC = rospy.get_param('~useRMC', False)

Function Documentation

def nmea_gps_driver.addTFPrefix (   frame_id)

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def nmea_gps_driver.check_checksum (   nmea_sentence)

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Variable Documentation

tuple nmea_gps_driver::altitude = float(fields[9])

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::data = GPS.readline()

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::fields = data.split(',')

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::frame_id = rospy.get_param('~frame_id','gps')

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::GPS = serial.Serial(port=GPSport, baudrate=GPSrate, timeout=2)

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::GPSport = rospy.get_param('~port','/dev/ttyUSB0')

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::gpspub = rospy.Publisher('fix', NavSatFix)

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::GPSrate = rospy.get_param('~baud',4800)

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::gpstime = TimeReference()

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::gpstimePub = rospy.Publisher('time_reference', TimeReference)

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::gpsVel = TwistStamped()

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::gpsVelPub = rospy.Publisher('vel',TwistStamped)

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::hdop = float(fields[8])

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::i = i.strip(',')

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::latitude = float(fields[3][0:2])

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::longitude = float(fields[5][0:3])

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::navData = NavSatFix()

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::timeNow = rospy.get_rostime()

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tuple nmea_gps_driver::useRMC = rospy.get_param('~useRMC', False)

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