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libsvm.SVC_Q Class Reference
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Package Functions

float[] get_Q (int i, int len)
double[] get_QD ()
 SVC_Q (svm_problem prob, svm_parameter param, byte[] y_)
void swap_index (int i, int j)

Private Attributes

final Cache cache
final double[] QD
final byte[] y

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

libsvm.SVC_Q.SVC_Q ( svm_problem  prob,
svm_parameter  param,
byte[]  y_ 
) [inline, package]

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Member Function Documentation

float [] libsvm.SVC_Q.get_Q ( int  i,
int  len 
) [inline, package, virtual]

Implements libsvm.Kernel.

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double [] libsvm.SVC_Q.get_QD ( ) [inline, package, virtual]

Implements libsvm.Kernel.

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void libsvm.SVC_Q.swap_index ( int  i,
int  j 
) [inline, package, virtual]

Reimplemented from libsvm.Kernel.

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Member Data Documentation

final Cache libsvm.SVC_Q.cache [private]

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final double [] libsvm.SVC_Q.QD [private]

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final byte [] libsvm.SVC_Q.y [private]

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