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iri_pmdcamera: iri_pmdcamera

iri_pmdcamera Provides support for PMD camcube and experimental camboars sensors. They are usefull i.e. when very short distance is required, an in sunlight conditions.

pmdcamera_node is a IRI-ROS driver supporting pmd cameras camcube3 and camboard. The image reference system in each camera is different. The driver handles the differences between both cameras and return canonical images.

Install the drivers following manufacturer instructions or with this instructions (link is not public as we cannot redistribute the drivers)

Use dynamic_reconfigure to change the integration time.


im1 im2



Some launch files are provided


PmdcameraDriverNode is the main IRI-ROS node class

PmdcameraDriver is the IRI-ROS driver

pmd_camcube::PmdCamcube is the low level IRI driver


: manufacturer wrapper is here now. Make a separate low-lever IRI driver

: add camera features: multiple frequencies, flag image...

Author(s): Guillem Alenya - IRI Robotics Lab
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